Government Social Media Management Tips

Government agencies active on social media can connect with the public in a unique and meaningful way. Social media provides local, state, and federal government agencies the opportunity to engage with the public and spread the word about important government programs. Managing government social media accounts can be challenging, as government agencies often face public criticism and scrutiny. Understanding the unique role of social media in government communications can help modern government professionals incorporate social media into external agency communications. When utilized effectively, social media can provide government agencies with a cost-effective channel for engaging diverse audiences.

In this month’s webinar, Becker Digital will share best practices for government social media management and social media strategies that will advance the government agency’s mission.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Social Media’s Unique Role in Community Development and Outreach

  • Best Practices for Government Social Media Management

  • Generational Differences in Social Media Behavior and Expectations

  • Local, State, and Federal Government Agencies that Succeed on Social Media

  • Developing an Effective Social Media Strategy for Government Agencies

Webinar Recording:

Additional Information:

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