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We're a team brought together by a common goal: to make video game reviews classy again. To contact us regarding partner opportunities, review copies of games, or otherwise, please email us at news@aristogamer.net.

J. and Captain Leo.

J Wellington Rommefeller ("J.")

J. Wellington Rommefeller was born a poor lad to a middle class family. He reveled in books, fanciness, and most of all, video games. The second he could grow a mustache, he took to combine his passions and set to right the wrongs of the video game review rabble. Armed with two fierce royal felines, an outfit a king would be jealous of, and eyes ready to pierce even the thickest layer of bull puckey, he founded AristoGamer.net to bring some class, honesty, and insight back to game reviews.

All-Time Favorite Game: Final Fantasy VI
Favorite Game Genre: Action-adventure and RPG games
AIM: jrommefeller

Colonel D. O'Dubhshlaine ("The Colonel")

Colonel D. O'Dubslaine was born an adventurer. That's the nice way of saying he punched the doctor and jumped out of the window of the hospital he was born in, never to be seen again. He raised himself, globe trekking, experiencing all manner of cultures and filling his life with 10 lifetimes worth of stories. At a young age, he joined the Royal Air Force and quickly rose through the ranks to become Colonel. Unfortunately, after the war, there was no need for fighter aces, so he took back to traveling until he met J. After a short discussion and manly bonding, it was decided he would embark on one of the most unruly of adventures yet-- internet video game reviews. His quest to bring honor and dignity to the art of game reviewing is a fierce one and his love of titles that mirror his life is unparalleled. His adventures keep him quite busy, but he keeps readers up to date with the latest in video game news while abroad.

All-Time Favorite Game: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Favorite Game Genre: FPS games

Captain Charles Albert Von Leopold ("Captain Leo"), Formerly Apprentice Casey

Born in a small town by the ocean, Leo’s childhood involved sandy shorts, rusty spoons, hurricanes, and not playing video games.  Growing up with 14 brothers and sisters, sharing the games became a timetable of calculating maximum efficiency for each sibling to play Tetris equally. Being one of the younger children, Leo couldn’t play the grown-up games unless he snuck in time after bed, playing Wolfenstein-3D in the dead of night with nothing but the glow of a monitor to light the room. As soon as the Apprentice made it out of the soggy shorts of a town, he found himself in a sprawling city without any clue as to how to succeed. His passion and love for video games that accumulated over the piecemeal interactions led him to the shop of one J. Wellington Romerfeller. With an insane curiosity for video games and an acute attention to detail, Leo began his apprenticeship for AristoGamer, covering breaking gaming news and reviewing game after game, before finally leveling up to a full reviewer.

All-Time Favorite Game: The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past
Favorite Game Genre: Action-adventure and FPS games

Apprentice Nine

Apprentice Nine is a newcomer to the hallowed and infamous Aristogamer company; and a clandestine traveller from the land of Michigan, where “Winter Is Coming” is a dreaded phrase. Born to a small middle-class family that vilified things like “video games”, “those horrible wizard books”, and “that show with the pikazard”, Nine quickly realized that his destiny lay in lands far beyond the cold north. After riding dramatically into the sunset astride a velociraptor, Nine learned that there were few prospects in the fruit-picking and subway-guitar-playing industries, and so he turned his passion to video games. Now, Nine enjoys the life of an adventurer, gamer, and storyteller, as he conquers Pokemon Leagues, slays dragons, rescues NPCs in distress, and manages to look dignified* while so doing.

*defined as drinking an entire box of red wine

All-Time Favorite Game: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Favorite Game Genre: Strategy, Puzzle, and RPGs
 Madam Arcadia ("Madam Arcadia")

As an occultist and collector of curiosities, Madam Arcadia concerns herself with the ancient and obscure. This is very fortunate for her, as she is a woman of diminished circumstances and such games usually come at a very reasonable price. Madam Arcadia shares her curious findings in a weekly tea time, where games have only two hours to impress her.

All-Time Favorite Game: everything she played in elementary school
Favorite Game Genre: "nerdy as all hell"
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