Our Story

Following a lengthy military deployment, Jeremy Becker - Becker Digital’s CEO, realized that returning servicemembers were facing many challenges related to transition and needed community support. While the public and private sectors offered various supportive resources, veterans and their families were unaware of these options.

Upon further evaluation, Jeremy discovered a significant breakdown in communication - the government agencies and nonprofit organizations developed to help veterans were not successful at connecting with the modern military and veteran community. Unfortunately, due to this widespread failure, thousands of veterans were slipping through the cracks and unable to transition into civilian life successfully.

Drawing upon his extensive business and leadership experience, Jeremy researched solutions to this population-specific challenge. Through the strategic implementations of communications, marketing, and public relations, Jeremy was able to equip mission-driven organizations with the tools they needed to successfully support their communities in the Digital Age.

In 2015, Becker Digital was founded under the guiding principles of continued service to community and country. Becker Digital’s experienced team of subject matter experts specializes in harnessing the power of marketing, public relations, and social media for good. We prioritize real connections over fleeting clicks and strive to bridge digital divides. Supporting public sector initiatives through the deployment of high-quality professional services remains our primary objective.