Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cube World Alpha Guide

I’ve talked about it often with my friends, cursed wol_lay’s name for not releasing it soon enough, and ventured to the deepest depths of the internet to try and find a copy of the game. But no more.

Cube World is here.

For those of you that don’t know, Cube World is a voxel-graphics adventure game inspired by Zelda, Minecraft, and other dungeon crawlers, programmed over the past few years by a German man named wol_lay and his wife. You can join friends or play alone to quest across an infinitely generating world to slay enemies, grab sweet gear, and discover new and exciting lands. Also you can hang glide, boat, and ride horses which is just rad. Also, before you ask, no, it’s not another Minecraft clone. In fact the similarities only go so far as the graphic style and the infinite world, everything else is wholly different though equally as fun and addicting.

But before you jump into this dangerously fun title, you might want to take these tips to heart.

Water Mage for multiplayer, Fire Mage for single


Mages come in two different element variants, each with their own advantages. Fire Mages have potentially more attack power, especially in the higher levels, whereas Water Mages have access to healing magic. Though it’s nice to be able to heal yourself, fire magic is more suited to solo questing for being able to eliminate more enemies quickly as you can still heal yourself with potions.

With groups, however, Water Mages are one of the most crucial components. Not only can they pull aggro if needed, their attacks can double as both attacks and heals, meaning warriors can tank far more effectively since mages only have to cast one spell. This spell comes in handy when to keeping a warrior alive as he leads a Dwarf King on a merry chase.

Think you don’t need a pet? You’re wrong


For one if you don’t want a pet, you probably also don’t like ice cream, fireworks, or hope. Secondly, the friendly animals in this game are all so cute, it’d be difficult to say no. And for three, they all attack!

Yes, they all attack.

Yes, even the bunny. Look at this cute little guy.

Beyond that, you can ride your pets for a movement bonus, which is nice when you need to cross a plain and there’s nothing to hang glide off of. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rode my horse across the land and straight into a castle sheerly because it was faster than running.

Oh also, the spitter is the best pet. It has water mage powers and looks like an octorok from Zelda. He’s great. I like that guy.

Item power

You have a power level associated with your character, and since the game never stops, it may even one day reach over nine thousand. This power level determines what gear you can equip and can often be a source of trouble when trying to get new items as you generally find things for power levels greater than your own. Fear not though, since a quick trip to the guy in the giant tower in each town can adapt that equipment down to your level free of charge. He can also adapt equipment you’ve grown out of, but are still quite in love with, up to your level, though that costs far more than free. So is it better to wait and get the level required for your sweet new sword, or do you want to use it now to smear gnoll blood across the mountains? That’s for your play style to decide.

Another, similar note is that when you craft items, their power level is in line with your own. I didn’t know this when I crafted 50 pumpkin muffins that were all +2. Now that I’m level 24, I’m still eating 6-7 muffins just to gain back my health, whereas I could just make one +24 one now and my health would regain exponentially more. So the secret is to get as many items to craft as possible, but only craft when needed!

Glitches/Quick tips


1)      Warrior’s berserker class is broken and the attack speed bonus is not nearly what it should be, so be a guardian just to get the HP boost
2)      There’s missing sound effects for a large number of things as well as no ambiance music, so get a playlist ready
3)      If you take too long clearing a dungeon, the monsters will respawn, so you’ll have to fight your way back through the same guys you killed 15 minutes ago in the same areas
4)      There’s no death penalty other than being transported away from the enemies and them regaining their health, so use that to your advantage and be adventurous!

And that’s about it! To pick up a copy of the game go here, then play it and make your friends get it, and go raid some old castles or temples! Cube World is as expansive as Minecraft, as challenging as Fallout at times, with a unique item system like Diablo, and all the charm of a 6 week old kitten. Give it a try if you like Minecraft, Zelda, or hate having free time.
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