Friday, April 19, 2013

Tea Time with Effing Hail

It's coming.
Another short tea time! You know what that means. That's right: value. You'll spend less time reading and more time pretending you're Storm after someone told her that the mohawk was a bad choice.

90s Disaster Movie Idea: the Game

Effing Hail is an in-browser flash game where you use the power of the wind to chuck ice at buildings, planes, people, and generally anything that looks like someone might care about it.

The controls are simple: tape down your mouse cursor so you don't have to use your finger and then wave the cursor around while shouting "you fools have doubted my powers for the last time!"


Throughout the stages, your targets become increasingly more annoying. Who knew balloons were such jerks?

The longer a hailstone is kept in the air, the larger it grows. On the other hand, its trajectory becomes more difficult to alter. Learning to predict a hailstone's path at an extreme distance and then sending it off on a wide arc is a valuable talent to learn. You're not going to be able to aim that hunk of misery when it shows back up again.

The game does suffer from that usual temptation to just do things wildly and see if something happens. Aiming can sometimes be difficult, so the option to nurture as many hailstones as possible and hope some of them hit the target seems sensible. It's a sure way to get taken out by the time limit in the later stages.

Effing Hail's presentation is a strong point. The decision to add the different atmospheric spheres was a great choice; it made the minimalistic, slightly cartoony graphics instantly read as 'science textbook.' The techno loop is the perfect bit of catchy nonsense to hang out in the background and not be obtrusive.

All in all, a delightful little game with a neat concept. See it for yourself and play some Effing Hail right here.

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