Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saints Row IV Preview with Screenshots

If you know about it, you probably have a polarized opinion about it. The Saints Row franchise isn't for everybody, but one thing's for certain -- it knows what it's good at and continuously pushes its boundaries. Saints Row the Third saw the series pushed to its most surreal limits yet, but the recently announced Saints Row IV takes it a few steps further. We got to take a look at the new title at this years PAX East 2013. Have they jumped the shark, or will this hit their fans where it feels good?

Though we could not take any video, two representatives from the developer company showed us a guided walkthrough of some of the new features in IV, starting off with some melee moves. A buff man wearing star-spangled pants slides through a civilian's legs and flips him over by his groin. He then poses and says a catch phase.

"Oh, and by the way, the leader of the Saints is now the President of the United States."

Saints, man.

Not only is he the president, but so much strangeness has happened to the free world that it almost lost me to start off with. Aliens have invaded Earth and captured the Saints in order to brainwash and indoctrinate them to convince them to join the side of the aliens. To do this, they're placed within their own, personal hells with Steelport as the backdrop.

In this virtual simulation, the president sill has to take down aliens, run amock, and generally wreck things to get anything done; and to help him with the job, the developers have armed the protagonist with new weapons we got to see -- the inflate-o-ray and the dubstep gun.

Yes, the dubstep gun.

The inflate-o-ray, when shot at someone, inflates their head until it's twice the size of their body, then their eyes pop out ala Total Recall before popping and collapsing dead. Though this sounds a bit gruesome, I assure you it's hilarious. The dubstep gun elicited the best response. When fired, loud dubstep music plays, the lights turn into a rave and everyone starts gettin' down. And as you drop the bass, they drop to the floor. It was hysterical.

As if that wasn't enough, the main character also gets superpowers like super speed and gliding. Both of these make getting around the environment much faster and exponentially more fun since you can now also jump as high as buildings. I can now see the hours of youtube videos all titled "SICK SAINTS ROW IV JUMP."

The game releases August 20th and though we don't know too many details on the plot, we're assured we get to explore the nightmare worlds of all the Saints with the same drop in, drop out multiplayer we all love. If you're not afraid to dive in to what amounts to Mars Attacks + Saints Row, then you'll definitely want to check out Saints Row IV.
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