Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nintendo Announces Slew of 3DS Information

I'm not sure if Nintendo Collectively decides to just dump a bunch of info at once, or if various development teams all come up to some PR guy and say "Hey you want to talk about this new thing for our game?" Either way, it is never a bad thing for us when a Nintendo Direct Press Conference is held. To sum up the conference, a whole slew of 3DS titles were announced as well as more information was released regarding upcoming 3DS games. The previously announced Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon have had some new light shed on various aspects of gameplay. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, your character and home will have more customization options as far as home decoration and wardrobe are concerned. Also, the 3DS Street Pass functionality will serve as a way to share and interact with other peoples cities and homes. In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, there will be a variety of upgrades for Luigi's Poltergust ghost-grabbing contraption, as well as the inclusion of co-op in some form. While there is still plenty to learn about these titles, it's exciting to see new games coming to the 3DS that are continuations of classic series.

In more 3DS news, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Mario Golf, and Mario&Luigi: Dream Team were all announced for the 3DS. While not much information was released regarding any content for the games, just this information alone is really enticing for anyone thinking about upgrading to the 3DS handheld. With E3 coming around in June, it's curious to see what else Nintendo has up their sleeve regarding their portable system
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