Monday, February 18, 2013

Bungie Co-founder slams PC FPS gaming

Bungie has recently released the first footage of their upcoming FPS title "Destiny" (seen above), their first FPS game release since branching off of Microsoft and the Halo series. Though the exact date of release isn't set until near the end of 2013 for Xbox 360 and PS3, the company is banking a lot of their support on its development in the hopes that they once again redefine the FPS genre. You may have also noticed that a release for PC was not mentioned there.

In fact, the confidence at this redefinition is so high that Bungie co-founder Jason Jones has stated on Destructoid,

 "We did a bunch of ambitious things on Halo deliberately to reach out to people. We limited players to two weapons, we gave them recharging health, we automatically saved and restored the game -- almost heretical things to first-person shooters at the time. We made the game run without a mouse and keyboard. And now nobody plays shooters the way they used to play them before Halo 'cause nobody wants to."

Yeah, we had to re-read his statement too. Apparently, FPS gaming with a mouse and keyboard is no longer popular. With the gaming worlds of Halo, Call of Duty, Gears of War, etc. being played on console, there's apparently no longer a future of FPS gaming with the good ol' mouse and keyboard.

...Or Jason completely forgot about Counter Strike (with 1.6 still being the most popular title played today), Team Fortress 2, Planetside 2, PC versions of Call of Duty...we think you get it.  It's not really understood where he was going with such a blatantly incorrect statement, but we get the feeling that there's going to be some backlash from the old fashioned mouse and keyboard gamers.
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