Friday, January 11, 2013

The Holiday Release Aftermath

Now that the holiday season is behind us, and both a new console and a new handheld have been released, it is time for the companies to boast about how well their hardware did in sales, or possibly be embarrassed by the lack of sales. For Sony, it is the latter: The Playstation Vita released in February of last year and since then it hasn't sold "as well as expected." stated Sony CEO Kaz Hirai. Though the Vita itself has impressive hardware specs and Sony has tried to push the Vita with multiple ports that look amazing and cross-platform play with the PS3, it still hasn't taken off as fast as Hirai would have liked. It seems that a strong PS Vita push at E3 is necessary to launch the Vita off the ground.

Meanwhile in Nintendoland, the WiiU sales seem to be doing just fine. Though it is difficult to determine a fixed number in regards to sales and number of units sold, Nintendo announced that the sales of their new console were doing "just fine." I'm sure the new gamepad has sparked enough interest to increases sales on the WiiU, but the launch of this new Hardware wasn't as nearly as rediculous as the Wii was back when it first released. At this point only time will tell if the WiiU will continue to have strong sales throughout the year.
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