Friday, January 4, 2013

Sony Patents Anti-Piracy Tech

While companies have tried to wage war on piracy and stop people from taking games for free, there is still a lot of grey area when people talk about "borrowing" games and buying used games. Sony has filed for an anti-piracy patent that might help them fight all those nasty pirates. Sony's patent is described as an Electronic Content Processing System, which would tie a game disc to a specific user account/console. An RFID tag on any disc would be read by the console and if the game had been previously registered to another console/account, then the console would block you from playing it.

While it seems like an interesting idea to stop people from playing pirated versions of video games, this kind of system presents a large obstacle for those who buy and play used games or share games between a family or friends. Sony does own other anti-piracy patents and some have never even been used. But with the next generation of consoles looming over us, we will find out soon enough whether Sony has implemented a system like this or not.
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