Friday, January 25, 2013

Nintendo Takes the Stage

So Nintendo decided to steal the spotlight with a Nintendo Direct press conference that aired on their website a few days ago and dumped a deluge of information. First off, the Virtual Console is coming to the WiiU in spring, with the ability to play VC games on the gamepad. Not all the games are going to be there immediately, and if you already bought a game on the Virtual Console, then you will have to buy it again at a discounted price. So if you bought The Legend of Zelda, you'll have to buy it again but it will only cost you $1 this time. Next Nintendo talked about all the games that are planned to come out for the WiiU and what will be available at E3.
Not only are we going to get a new Super Smash Bros, but also a new 3D Mario platformer along the lines of Super Mario Galaxy, and a new Zelda title, along with an HD remake of Wind Waker later on this year. Not only that but a new Yoshi title that will play like Kirby's Epic Yarn, a new crossover with Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem, and a new Xenoblade title. Along with videos and pictures of Beyonetta 2, and a new title called Wonderful 101. If there is anything to draw from this press conference, it's that Nintendo knows when to pull their punches and when to knock one out of the park.
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