Monday, January 14, 2013

Day Z Release Date as Stand Alone Delayed

Bohemia Interactive's popular game, Arma II, is well known for its Day Z mod that pits the player in a semi-simulation of surviving the zombie apocalypse. What sets it apart from other known zombie games, such as Left 4 Dead or Dead Island, is the attention to detail with travel in an open world, real-time passage of time,  limited supplies, the dangers of using loud weapons, and most importantly the extreme dangers of facing other survivors that are controlled by other gamers. This pits trust as a rare commodity since other gamers could see others as easy targets to loot supplies from.

Sounds intense and awesome, right? Many would agree, which is why Bohemia Interactive announced that by the end of 2012, the mod would be developed into a standalone game. However, with the new year now here, there is finally some news for the reasons behind the delay. Lead Developer Dean Hall has announced via the Day Z official blog that,

"We will be releasing a close test imminently, during which approvimately 500-1000 people will assist in ensuring our architecture is correctly functioning. This closed test will be focused on purely on architecture, not the game design. Once we have confirmed fixes for issues arising from the closed test, we will then reschedule an internal date for our public release."

Dean also goes on to say that this beta will be necessary since the development team has decided to overhaul much of the mod's mechanics so that the release will be more than just an improved mod.

Here's to hoping for a smooth and quick release. We know there are plenty of zed head shooting fans who are itching to play this experience.
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