Friday, December 14, 2012

Gears of War: Judgment and God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Presents

In a rush of goodies, both multiplayer footage and a multiplayer trailer have been released for Gears of War: Judgment and God of War: Ascension respectively. The multiplayer footage of Gears of War is intersting and fun as it shows off the "OverRun" mode where you get the chance to play as Locusts. I haven't played much of the Gears of War franchise myself but it looks fun and the curb stomping is always a blast.

On the more Greek Mythology side of video games God of War Ascension gets a new multiplayer trailer to show off it's addition to the already epic story. A series-first for the God of War franchise, God of War: Ascension will launch March 12, 2013 with PS Plus members getting an early start with the multiplayer January 8th. The lucky people of the Playstation Plus Membership will get to see what the multiplayer has to offer with a more open beta hopefully coming after Jan 8.

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