Monday, November 5, 2012

New Skyrim DLC Teased via Twitter

That image is pretty much all we know so far on this rumored upcoming DLC. According to Bethesda's official twitter page, the first trailer for this upcoming DLC is to be released at some point today, November 5th. Until such a trailer is actually released, fans of Skyrim will have to remain patient and curious.

Some gamers aren't quite so patient it seems, as many are trying to crack into the source code and find clues of this DLC. According to VG247, the possibility of dragon mounts and exploring an area of the old Morrowind region is seen within the coding. However, for all we know these are fake hints given by Bethesda in order to get rumors buzzing around. Hopefully the trailer will be released at some point soon later today, which of course will be posted here the moment it's available.

Speaking of hopeful, PS3 owners I'm sure will be hoping to hear additional news on Skyrim DLC for their respective console since they have yet to receive the Dawnguard or Hearthfire DLC's.

EDIT: Here it is! The trailer has been released! The specific area still isn't quite clear but we can see that have dragon mounts is looking very real and a slew of combat variations added to the mix. Story wise this DLC will seem to be more story oriented, as opposed to Hearthfire, and will follow along interactions with the very first dragonborn. Check it out and tell us what you think!


The Dragonborn DLC is set to be available on Xbox on December 4th.
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