Monday, October 15, 2012

Steam adds 21 additional Indies

Valve already announced back in September the addition of 10 indie games to the Steam client to help the community driven Steam Greenlight, a project to help PC game developers further efforts in publishing. Now Valve is announcing the addition of 21 more indie games. The following games have been selected as part of the Steam Greenlight project:

- Afterfall InSanity Extended Edition

- AirBuccaneers

- Blockscape

- Contrast

- Fly'n

- Folk Tale

- Forge

- Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

- Gnomoria

- Interstellar Marines

- Lost Story: The Last Days of Earth

- Miasmata

- Miner Wars 2081

- Neotokyo

- Octodad: Dadliest Catch

- Perpetuum

- Postal 2 Complete

- Secrets of Grindea

- The Intruder

- The Stanley Parable: HD Remix

- Yogventures!

We'll need to be sure to keep our eyes on Steam Greenlight as even more games are to be added to it in the next couple of months.
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