Monday, October 29, 2012

MechWarrior: Online starting Open Beta

Reactor: Online

Sensors: Online

Weapons: Online

All systems nominal.

It's been years since that beloved computer voice gave pilots that well known start-up, and now it seems the wait is finally coming to a close. Piranha Games has announced that MechWarrior: Online is to stomp its way into open beta today.  This free-to-play installment of the MechWarrior franchise is to be welcoming to both veteran pilots and new comers alike with an extensive array of mechs and weapons in the customizable fashion that's made the previous games thoroughly enjoyable.

This open beta may appear to be starting earlier than expected for the MechWarrior community, since several of the anticipated features for the game have yet to be fully implemented. However, according to Piranha Game's co-founder Russ Bullock via MechWarrior Online's website, he states that:

"Just because MWO is going Open Beta in no way means we are finished making the game or that we will even slowdown in the slightest. We already have nine months of work lined up in front of us and frankly there is no end to the work in sight. We could easily delay Open Beta endlessly to just wait for one more feature or one more piece of content which could easily become a block hole."

Whether or not players feel the game is fully ready, going into open beta should prove to help the development team continue their hard work on this massive undertaking for such a popular and time-honored franchise. In fact, before the game even went into open beta, MWO has reported receiving over $5 million from purchases of the Founder's Program and other similar packages.

"Mornin'! How's it feel to be strapped into a walking nuke reactor at 6:00am?"
- Sergeant "Deadeye" Unther, Hanson's Roughriders, Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries
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