Monday, October 22, 2012

Dragon Age III: Inquisition concept details

BioWare is finally starting to release a few details with its upcoming Dragon Age III: Inquisition, thanks to the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo. So far, we know that you will be playing as a human and yes, true to BioWare tradition, character backgrounds will have a huge impact on the game. Also true to BioWare fashion, previous saves from the other Dragon Age games will have an impact on what happens in this sequel, even more so that what's been done with the previous games according to creative director Mike Laidlaw. There's also to be a wider range of character customization for yourself and your companion(s), including possible control of your own castle.

Now for the part that many are wondering, the size of the game. To make up for the often complained short length of Dragon Age II, the size of this upcoming addition to the series is to be incredible. One level in Dragon Age III is to be as large as the entire game of Dragon Age II. I must admit, that is one incredible claim and makes this writer excited for this sequel.

No further details have been released yet, except for a few pictures of concept art (posted below). Release is still expected for sometime late in 2013.

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