Monday, August 6, 2012

Source Filmmaker Hints at Half Life Episode 3 and Source 2

Since Valve released its internal software Source Filmmaker, many intrepid gamers have been hard at work creating films, others have been tearing apart its source code, looking for info on Valve's "next big thing." Two interesting bits of information have come up as a result of this relentless hunting -- Half Life Episode 3 and the second iteration of the Source engine.

In one of the comments here, you see a reference to the character model for Alyx Vance with the folder heading "ep3." Though it may be tempting to be excited about this, it is likely either an error or is deliberately misleading. To my knowledge, this is the only reference to ep3 in the Source Filmmaker code and combining that with Valve's tendency to include erroneous files for sniffers to find and their trolling with HL3 shirts, I doubt there's much credence to this.

What's far more exciting, however, is the references to Source 2. They are littered all over the place! uncovered not only text references, but icons as well, including the logo for the new engine.

In addition, icons for the paint tool, terrain tools, and a few others have been found for Source 2. Could this be Valve misleading gamers yet again? Perhaps they forgot these assets in the package? Or maybe they're teasing us with this information, choosing to wait until a large conference to make the Source 2 announcement.

In any case, Source made its debut more than 8 years ago and most gamers feel it's time for an update. Where this information leaves developers working in the current Source engine is anyone's guess, but it will most likely leave upcoming Valve titles like Dota 2 and CS:GO on the upper end of the graphics spectrum.
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