Monday, July 9, 2012

Steam Summer Sale 2012 Imminent

Been wondering where this year's Steam Summer Sale has been hiding? So have hundreds of thousands of gamers salivating at the opportunity to brutally murder their wallets. But as of yet, there's been no real, official summer sale. Until now.
Intrepid gamers have used Open Steamworks, a site to openly browse the Steam database, to discover bundles with Summer 2012 specified. Some of the bundles include:

  • TellTale Collection
  • Blinding of Isaac Bundle
  • Alan Wake Bundle 
  • Trine Bundle
  • Victoria Franchise
  • Majesty Franchise
  • Sword of the Stars Franchise
  • Command and Conquer Franchise
  • Bioshock Franchise Pack
  • Sniper Elite Franchise Pack
  • Civilization Collection
So it seems Valve is gearing up for a sale, but when will it begin? When should my bank account prepare a box of tissues and some chocolate cherry ice cream for the impending weep-fest? Nobody knows for certain, though reddit user bryanbell presents a reasonable case for the sale lasting from July 12th - July 22nd. Though his evidence is well thought out and put together, keep in mind that it is entirely circumstantial.

If it is true though, that puts the sale starting at the begining of San Diego Comic Con, which opens up opportunities for developers to have some cross-promotional materials to feed into the sale. Keep checking the site, as we'll be updating live from SDCC this year, and hopefully that will at least delay my eventual fall into destitution by keeping me away from Steam for 4 days.
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