Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Xbox 720 leak

Microsoft's attempt at keeping the next generation Xbox console a secret has taken a huge hit with a freshly leaked document giving details towards the company's plans, including the SmartGlass rumors with Windows 8.

The Xbox 720 has confirmed that it will include a Blu-ray player, 3D output (with glasses), and sensor peripheral support (built in Kinect anyone?).  The console is said to have a performance increase approximately six times more powerful than the current Xbox console and be able to handle "always being on", even with the true 1080p HD output and/or 3D output.  In more specific hardware looks, Microsoft seems to be debating between 6 or 8 ARM or x86 cores, supposedly clocked at about 2GHz each, with 4GB of DDR4 memory and 3 PPC cores clocked at about 3.2GHz in order to provide proper backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games. This matches up roughly with the leaks we reported on earlier in the year. That enough numbers for ya?

Along with this new information for the Xbox 720, Microsoft also laid out some plans for the future "upgrade" towards Kinect.  This Kinect 2 is said to make major improvements towards accuracy, imaging, voice recognition, dedicated hardware processing, and even to include 4-player tracking support.  Along with this, the "Fortaleza" glasses are to make an appearance and are rumored to be very similar to Google's Project Glass reality glasses, incorporating augmented reality and may include Wi-Fi and/or 4G capabilities.  The glasses were marked for a later release from the future console but should prove to be rather interesting once they are confirmed.

Update: Microsoft has officially removed the leaked document from Scribd at the request of an international law firm that represents Microsoft. Whoops! Looks like they didn't all those details reported quite yet.
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