Monday, June 4, 2012

Nintendo Wii U update

Just before this year's E3 kicks off, Nintendo has been providing more detailed looks at the Wii U and specifically at the controller(s) of their new console.  We already know of Nintendo's intention to use a tablet to coincide with games as well as a universal remote for the owner's TV, but now the Wii U is being released on their "new" design for the Wii U Pro controller (pictured above).  

Aside from the fact it's a blatant copy of the Xbox 360 controller, Nintendo seems to be gearing up towards providing more "hardcore" gamers with the option of using a proven popular physical design for a controller instead of basing future gameplay on using just their innovative controller like the first Wii did with the motion controllers.

No news is known yet for the games what will be released for the Wii U, other than the obvious Zelda/Mario titles, but Nintendo has provided more details towards their "alone together" idea their Miiverse social networking.  The Miiverse will include video chatting among other features that Nintendo intends to utilize in order to bridge the gap in this "alone together" notion.

More details can be seen in the link provided of Nintendo's presentation.

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