Friday, May 25, 2012

Diablo 3 has Triumphs and Tribulations

 With almost every game released, there are always successes and problems. And with any game that has had a 10 year development cycle, there was bound to be as many great achievements as there were problems in the beginning. Diablo 3 released May 17 and did so with high expectations and a lot of buzz surrounding the finished product after many a gameplay video and beta test. While my full review will take place next week, there has been a lot of action concerning Diablo 3’s release in the past 7 days.

Server complications and overloads created a 2-day inability to play Diablo 3 from the very beginning. Since the game required a constant internet connection, most players in North America could not log on and play the single player experience they paid $60 for. The servers were down for over 48 hours due to the massive influx of traffic on the servers, multiple performance problems, and a game-breaking bug. Blizzard quickly released an apology with a very witty twist hoping to appease the many angry games waiting to play Diablo 3. While it seems that server problems were inevitable, it seems that Blizzard should have taken more thorough precautions regarding the launch, especially considering that the similar problems we prevalent in the beta test.

Unfortunately that is not the end for Diablo 3’s woes, for later in the week, reports were coming in that Diablo 3 accounts, and the subsequent Battle.Net account attached to it, are being hacked. In-game gold and loot was swindled from a multitude of accounts. Blizzard once again apologized for the inconvenience and also took the opportunity to advertise the “Blizzard Authenticator” security measures available for use to better secure your Battle.Net account.

Enough of the bad news; there is some good news too. Early financialreports show that Blizzard has broken PC sales records by moving more than 3.5 Million units in only 24 hours. The number has certainly grown by this point, but the numbers alone are a testament to how popular the game is as well as the publicity surrounding its release. Despite the trials Diablo 3 has gone through, it still made money for Blizzard and will certainly survive for players to sink hours upon hours into it. Whether or not it should be bought and played--you should check out my week-long look at the game next week.
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