Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Xbox 720 update

Following up on the rumors of the "PS4", we at Aristogamer did some research on current news of the future Microsoft console, commonly being referred to as the Xbox 720 (Get it? Even more geometry!). Reports from VG247 state that the new console will indeed have Blu-ray as a built-in standard for the console, which honestly who didn't see that coming after Blu-ray came out on top over HD DVD in the high definition optical disc war. But! The console is also said to come with kinect built-in as well, possibly showing a move to combine classic control and motion gaming as serious endevours for Microsoft.

Although many specifics in the hardware for the 720 have yet to be released, it is said the console will include a 4-6 core processor, with one dedicated to kinect and one to the operating system. Furthermore the graphics are supposed to be handled by AMD, just as announced with Sony's future Playstation Orbis. The 720 is also said to have two seperate GPU's that will not be bound together in the expected SLI/Crossfire method as done with many gaming PC's. Instead the GPU's are supposed to be completely independent which may signify upcoming graphics ideas for Microsoft such as one card handling kinect so that both kinect and non-kinect players may experience a game simultaneously (just an idea, I could be way off for all I know).

Further updates on the The Xbox 720 will have call for patience as Microsoft has stated that it will not be announcing the new console at this year's E3. Simple deduction tells me that its release will probably be around the same time as the Orbis near the end of 2013.

Update: For more up to date news, see our article about the leaked specs document from Microsoft.
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