Monday, April 9, 2012

Torchlight II to follow Diablo III release

To go along with our recent news of Diablo III's website launch, Runic Games has announced they are finishing up touches on their sequel Torchlight II. The original Torchlight was released back in 2009 and received solid sales and reviews, giving Runic a definite incentive to start development on a sequel. Though originally hoping to release Torchlight II by the end of 2011, Runic decided to make sure they can get the new features in proper working order, including an offline mode, expansive modding tools, and LAN support.

According to Runic CEO Max Schaefer, Torchlight II is hoping to be released about a month after Diablo III's release. With Runic having been founded by ex-Blizzard teams it's obvious that they knew releasing Torchlight II just before or even at the same time as Diablo III's release could potentially hurt their sales, even with the still growing Torchlight fanbase as well as an initial price tag of $20. So instead of trying to compete with the Diablo III timetable, Runic figures using the extra time to really fine-tune the game for a its release to have a solid and minimal bug ridden experience will give Torchlight 2 the competitive edge. Perhaps Bethesda should take a look at this "polishing a game's bugs before release" concept.
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