Monday, April 2, 2012

PS4 Console Rumors

I'm sure by now most of you have heard about the rumored next generation console of Sony Playstation. Not much is really known about it past its existence and that it will have some sort of anti-used game tech.

Also in case you didn't know until now, yes you read that correctly...anti-used game tech. It's possible the future console will include coding that coincides with the disc that's linked to your PSN account which will prevent someone from playing the used or borrowed games without buying a new key. Predictions that this is cracked and then outright withdrawn shortly after the console's release? I say within 25 days.

So what's this new console going to be called? Right now sources from Sony have told the good people of Kotaku that Sony may be dropping the title of Playstation entirely and going straight for simply "Orbis". Sounds...interesting? Ok no honestly I don't like it that much, sounds too much like a car rental company. But! The console may continue to utilize AMD tech for both the GPU and CPU and could possibly be released at the end of 2013.

But then again, I've said "may", "possible", and "could" a few times, so naturally some of these details may (and most likely will) change before the official announcement. Honestly? I just hope they drop that anti-used game-because-people-saving-money-buying-used-are-the-REAL-enemy-to-the-gaming-market bit. Otherwise I can get used to the Orbis name. I'll just call it PS4 anyways like 80% of everyone else will.
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