Thursday, April 19, 2012

God of War 4

This is it folks. God of War 4 is no longer a tempting tease for the PS3 owners anymore. As of yesterday, Sony has officially announced that God of War 4 will be God of War: Ascension after dropped the ball and leaked snipits of information including box art and its official title.

Sony confirmed through the official Playstation YouTube channel that the game will in fact be a prequel that dives into the origins of Kratos's bloody past. Game director for God of War: Ascension Todd Pappy also released a blog posting on behalf of Sony that further details on the game will be released April 30th on the official Playstation blog as well the God of War: Ascension Facebook page.

Being a prequel, the game will give details on Kratos's past life as a Spartan military leader before allying with Ares, a connection that should prove both difficult to create and extraordinarily interesting to life long God of War fans. Official release is rumored to be Spring of 2013 but Sony neither confirms nor denies the possibility of an earlier release.
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