Friday, April 6, 2012

Diablo III website launch

You read that right. After nearly four years of teasing gamers with the upcoming Diablo III, set to be released May 15th of this year, Blizzard has launched its official website for the game. Should you decide to login through their website (WHICH YOU SHOULD), Blizzard promises that fans can receive special in-game items and even some out-of-game prizes.

Most importantly, the website will reveal detailed information on each of the five new hero classes for the game. To start off is the Demon Hunter , as seen in the trailer posted above. Should you feel the need, you can even design your own in-game banner and use it towards unlocking sigils.In fact, Blizzard says that it will be having an art contest for some pretty sweet hardware prizes. For Blizzard to provide a detailed teaser only tells me that Diablo III is going to be one heck of a unique gaming experience.
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