Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Unreal 4 engine

The Unreal 3 engine. This engine has powered an insanely huge amount of games and redefined much of the known physics capabilities in graphics and gameplay. Unreal 4...is on it's way.

Epic Games has released info from their 2012 GDC conference on an upcoming demo for the new Unreal 4 engine. This demo will be shown at the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco. Exciting right? Finally getting to see this puppy make its initial mark on the world? Yeah not going to happen quite yet as Epic has said "Space is very limited, and appointments and non-discloser agreements are required to see the Unreal Engine 4 presentation." So even after a demo, no one can even talk a tiny detail about it. Sad news indeed.

But we're ok with this because it just shows that the engine is actually getting full development and this is just one step closer to see how game are revolutionized once again!
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