Monday, January 9, 2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic a Roaring Success

According to EA over the holidays, Star Wars: The Old Republic just became the fastest growing subscription-based MMO in history. Over one million players have logged over sixty million hours and killed over three billion NPCs in just around three weeks. This news comes as a relief to Star Wars fans as the last MMO in that universe ended miserably, with a largely disgruntled and scorned fanbase. Hopefully the good chaps at Bioware will keep the pleasant times rolling with updated content and user feedback.

For now, it seems one million people and one criminally dashing game reviewer agree that Star Wars: The Old Republic is at least worth a look. Once I wrest my time from Skyrim, I will be trying my hand at this game, though I must admit I would be a mite more excited if this was added:

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