Thursday, January 19, 2012

Resident Evil 6 Trailer and Release Date

The Resident Evil series has made a bit of a comeback in recent years, not unlike Call of Duty, but in the survival-horror genre. Resident Evil 4 rejuvinated the series and gamers have been clamoring for new installments ever since. Capcom is wont to disappoint gamers, however they have announced exactly what fans have been asking for--Resident Evil 6. The new game stars Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield, my least favorite of the two. It seems to harken back to Resident Evil 2 with its urban settings, albeit with the modern RE gameplay style.

With as many updates as the series has seen in recent years to make it more like other modern shooters, can it even really be called survival horror anymore? RE6 looks more like an action game to this game reviewer; a Gears of War with zombies if you will. Just look at the Resident Evil 6 trailer and try and tell me it has the same feel as Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

I am not saying this is a bad thing, simply that the series is evolving and moving into a more action-based genre. If you are looking forward to satisfy your zombie massacre appetite, then you shall wait no longer than November 20th of this year. The game releases globally on Xbox 360 and PS3.
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