Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Microsoft Revamping Xbox Live Currency, Mobile Experience

Microsoft Points. When did console companies decide it was a good idea to institute points instead of currency? Sure, the system is country agnostic, allowing for easier payment calculation on the company's side and allows for incremental charging, assuring that the consumer always has points leftover to encourage more spending. But the downside is that gamers have to go that one extra step and my word do we hate one extra step.

According to Inside Mobile Apps, the Xbox maker will be abandoning the points system in favor of actual currency. This news is only coming from one source that I personally have never heard of, so the credibility of the news is questionable, but I sincerely hope it is true. I am tired of having just 50 points left in my account with nothing to buy. Just take the money I give you and be happy!

The same source is also reporting that Microsoft is looking to bring its Xbox Live platform for Windows Phone 7 to other mobile OS devices. A source hinted at this to the website, though this is substantiated through a job posting found by liveside earlier this year. The job requisite has since been removed, presumably because the position has been filled, but it certainly does make things interesting. If Microsoft is able to effectively bridge the gap between console and mobile gaming, this could add to their already daunting power in the games market. Do you hear that, Valve? You'd better start putting Steam on mobile OSs and expand your console powers, or big bad Steve Ballmer's gonna getcha!
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