Monday, September 12, 2011

Monthly Podcast

Here it is, a merry time! A time for laughter! A time for opinion! A time for, well, gaming! I'm pleased to announce that our next monthly podcast will be:

Wednesday, September 14th at 8:00pm.

We will be discussing subjects including:

- The 3DS's upcoming attachment for a circle pad

- Tablet gaming (including Gamestop's recent announcement in Android based OS)

Final Fantasy XIII (both XIII-2 and Versus)

- Recently released games and initial impressions with Deus Ex and Dead Island

- Star Trek Online going F2P

- Wii U currently in developmental issues

- Halo 4 creative director leaving Microsoft

- Further development in Elder Scrolls vs. Minecraft copyright fight

Others topics may be brought up as well during the podcast since the news keeps rolling in, so be sure to tune in on Wednesday for the discussion, or download via our website or iTunes should you miss this fantastic conversation!

Instructions on:

How to download Teamspeak 3 and connect to our server

How to join in the discussion and the rules for doing so

Hope to see many of you fine readers there!
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