Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Non-Review

Hello ladies and gents! Have you missed me? Or wondered why Aristogamer has been updating less frequently? I'm afraid I fell into a terrible, terrible time trap called Deus Ex: Human Revolution and was having some difficulty pulling myself out.

You see, when I began playing the new Deus Ex, I decided to try my hand at stealth. I wanted to be a sneaky devil whose ability to move in and out of areas without a sound or alarmed guard was highly revered. This critical, highly ill-advised decision is what led me to stop playing the game before I could give it a fair shot.

I spent approximately six hours playing Deus Ex and did not advance the story one iota. I spent my time restarting from a save I made when someone would notice me, then try something different, and repeat the whole process until angry. Remaining undetected in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is not like it is in Metal Gear Solid. In fact, comparing the two is like comparing driving to the store to Formula 1 racing because cars are involved.

From what I have played, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a marvelous game. The graphics are spot on, if a bit orange, the controls take some getting used to, but are nowhere approaching annoying, and the amount of quests can only barely lure you away from the intriguing story. My only regret in playing the game is not being able to complete it because of a silly decision I made, which lead to a severe loss of interest and frustration associated with the game. I'll be more careful of that in the future and may end up giving Deus Ex another chance when the muscle memory of pause->load->Save1 has left me.

In short, give Deus Ex: Human Revolution a try, but I implore you to not make the same mistake I did.
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