Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Batman: Arkham City

We have learned that Gamestop will, along with the Joker's Carnival Map, offer a pre-order bonus for this incredibly anticipated game. Not only can you play as the cool modernized version of Batman as seen in Arkham Asylum, but you can use the skin from the much missed 90's show Batman: The Animated Series (seen boxed below with incredibly artistic taste).

You may remember the selection of skins that could be possible from a previous post, but this is the first we've learned of one of the skins being offered in an American release. Personally, I would've chosen the Animated Series skin because Kevin Conroy (the voice actor for the Animated Series and for Arkham Asylum) is absolutely the best voice of Batman, so to play the game in the old skin is only fitting. Now I found this out through a PowerUp Rewards email from Gamestop so I can't confirm if it's an exclusive PowerUps pre-order or for all pre-orders, Gamestop's website certainly can't confirm squat. But! It will be available to use throughout the entire campaign and challenge maps, so it's still very exciting!
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