Friday, August 12, 2011

New Counter Strike Title?

Rumors started swelling this week as the internet collective has leaked news of a new Counter Strike title. Yes, that's right, those of you who simply cannot get enough de_dust2 and Scout/Knives maps seem to be in luck. This news comes from multiple sources, all seeming to call the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

The news broke in a few venues, but it seems ESEA is behind most of the information. A thread was soon started on the Steam forums in which the game, at the time only known as Counter Strike:GO was called Global Operation. A Valve employee then entered the thread and corrected them with "Global Offensive." I happen to think this is a clever ruse, as I submitted an idea to them years ago that I am positive they are capitalizing on:

Think of the hat sales alone!

Not much is known about the Counter Strike game other than the few technical details that playtesters and ESEA have leaked onto Twitter using hash tag #csgo. I must stress that these are still rumors, but they certainly seem credible, and the information continues to come in. The latest rumor is that Valve will officially announce the title either today or tomorrow, though the details are still hazy. I will certainly keep my Steam news window open and report how many millions Valve will be giving me for my brilliant suggestion.


It most certainly is real! CS:GO will be releasing early next year for XBLA, PSN and PC, though everyone knows which platform will be the most popular and worthwhile. For detailed impressions about changes, read this hands on report from ESEA.
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