Monday, August 22, 2011

Monthly Podcast

It is that time again, my friends. The Colonel was in London,taking care of some looting hooligans and as such, the podcast had to be delayed by a week or so. Fear not, however, as our second show will be this week!

Tuesday, August 23rd at 8:00 PM CST

Join us on our Teamspeak server to participate in the conversation or download it afterward from iTunes, podbean, directly, or stream from our site. To join in live, just follow the following instructions:

How to download Teamspeak 3 and connect to our server

How to join in the discussion and the rules for doing so

We shall be discussing topics like this:
  • Gamescom news

  • 3DS price drop

  • Hats for games in Steam

  • DLC

  • Gamefly's PC game service

We certainly look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday. Tell your friends, acquantainces and enemies to listen in and participate.
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