Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gamescom 2011 News Part 1

Updated: 3:06PM CST!

Gamescom, one of the largest game expos in the world, is off to a roaring start today even though it technically starts tomorrow. New trailers for some of the biggest games and announcements for others have already started flooding the internet from Cologne, Germany. We will be bringing you daily updates from Gamescom with a veritable compendium of information. Today's news consists of mostly trailers, but this post will be updated throughout the day with new information, so check back often!

Street Fighter X Tekken:

The new trailer provides not only look at new characters added to the game, but an in depth explanation of the controls. For anyone looking forward to this game, click Read More to see 4:31 of information you cannot afford to miss.

Soul Calibur V:

The tale of souls and swords forever retold has a new trailer today. It contains no new information, but some nice visuals. Click Read More to get your fill of Ivy, Mitsurugi, and company.

Zone of the Enders:

Hideo Kojima tweeted the following image, invoking both fits of joy and rage from long time fans of the series:

I'd wager we shall hear more of this either later this week or at Tokyo Games Show next month!


The fan-made game adapted into one of the most anticipated commercial games to date, DOTA 2 has been scarce on information, but it seems Gamescon is where it will be making its grand debut. The trailer after the break is just the beginning of Valve's showing for DOTA 2. The main attraction The International, the first DOTA 2 tournament between sixteen teams to be shown live on the internet for free. The prize in the tournament?

$1 million.

For more information on the game and to view the high stakes tournament, visit the DOTA 2 website.

To The Moon:

Nostalgic for Chrono Trigger? Looking for a game that makes you teary eyed? To The Moon looks to deliver on both. Freebird Games says its latest indie game is about "two doctors traversing through the memories of a dying man to fulfill his last wish." The graphics are 16 bits of elegence and the story is certainly a heavy one. If this sounds like the game for you, watch the trailer below and visit the game's website for more information. It will be released this fall and I've already got my tissues handy.

Battlefield 3:

Are you ready to team up with 31 of your closest friends to anniahlate your opposition? Do you even have 31 friends? Well you had better make more, because Battlefield 3's latest trailer shows of it's 64 person multiplayer. I was convinced with the tanks trailer, but adding in deadly vehicles and a hoard of enemies just sweetens the proverbial pot. If the trailer below does not warm you to the idea of buying Battlefield 3, I think nothing will.

All Playstation Vita Titles will be Downloadable

You read that right, according to Sony, every Playstation Vita title will be downloadable. The more popular releases, like Uncharted, Assassin's Creed, and the like will also be released on Vita memory cards. Sounds to me like Sony is trying to encourage indie development for its new handheld platform, something Nintendo is lacking and smartphone platforms are revelling in. Sounds to me like Sony is the company with more foresight, at least in this category.

Assassin's Creed, Lumines and More Come to Vita

The PSP's surprising hit Lumines will be back for another go round on the Vita, joined by another Assassin's Creed game. I must admit, I'm quite skeptical at AC for the Vita as the series' PSP releases have been lackluster, but perhaps the second analog stick was all it needed.

Resistance: Burning Skies

That's right, not satisfied with making just one new Resistance game, Sony deemed it wise to release a second for the Vita. Players of Burning Skies will take control of a fireman named Tom Riley whose forced to take up arms against the Chimeran onslaught. For fans of the console series, I am positive this game will be as close an experience to the console version as you can get in the palm of your hands. If you choose to not believe me, see for yourself in the gameplay video below.

PS3 Price Drop

Sony has officially dropped the price of a base model PS3 to $250 in North America. That's how much a Wii was when it first released. They are definitely being aggressive with their pricing of not only the PS3, but the Vita as well. I would not doubt that they are trying to squeeze two or three more years out of the aging console and at $500 for both its handheld and home systems, Sony's certainly making it difficult to say no to its hardware.

The Secret World

This mysterious MMO has been getting its fair share of press recently, and for good reason. It's an game that boasts magic in a post apocalyptic type world with modern weaponry, something that sets it apart from most other games in its class. The new trailer below only helps in drumming up excitement for its release in April of 2012. To sign up for updates, including how to get into the beta later on this month, visit the games website.

Resistance 3

The new installment in the Resistance series is due out on September 6th, but that did not stop Insomniac games from putting together one last trailer. Check out the latest, and probably final, trailer for Resistance 3 below.

Infamous 2: Festival of Blood

Cole McGrath is getting a superpowered expansion with Festival of Blood, an expansion that adds vampires to New Marais. It's not clear how this will tie into the story, but it seems to be not unlike Undead Nightmare was to Red Dead Redemption. If you cannot get enough of zapping people, have a buildup of vampire aggression, or both, then the trailer below is for you. (I apologize for the low quality,  but I will replace it once a higher definition version becomes available).

Uncharted 3

Nathan Drake's next adventure is nigh upon us, but a new trailer with intense gameplay has just been released. I had forgotten how excited I was for this game until I saw Drake silently taking down enemies and jumping with reckless abandon to his goals. Uncharted 3 makes its debut November 1st, but the latest trailer is available below right now.

Street Fighter x Tekken Trailer:

Soul Calibur V Trailer:

DOTA 2 Trailer:

To The Moon Trailer:

Battlefield 3 Trailer:

Resistance: Burning Skies

The Secret World:

Resistance 3:

Infamous 2: Festival of Blood

Uncharted 3 Gameplay Demo

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