Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gamefly to Add PC Games to Rental Service

I fancy Gamefly. I use it when I want to play a game I'm not quite sure I want to buy, and it's certainly saved me from wasting money on horrible games. My only complaint was that I could not rent PC games. I was initially confounded by how such a service would even work, so I abandoned the notion and continued to buy through Steam.

Gamefly seems to have employed more clever folk than I, however, as they just announced in USA Today. After buying Direct2Drive some months ago, the game rental service decided on a system in which subscribers get access to their PC game content based on subscription. By signing up with Gamefly, you get access to over 100 PC titles for as long as your heart desires. If your subscription expires, though, you are locked out of those games until your subscription renews.

Very little elaboration has been done on this new feature and that raises a few questions in my mind. Though Gamefly seems to be confident in its own proprietary interface, will the new service integrate with other programs like Steam and Origin? Will my saves be my own? If not, will they be available to me if I renew after letting my subscription lapse? How about the price for this new feature?

Gamefly is not saying much, but what they are saying is quite promising. The PC service goes into  beta in September and will be launched in time for the holiday season.
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