Friday, August 5, 2011

Batman Arkham City Skins

Fans of the Dark Knight's escapades outside of the video game world will be delighted to hear there are a few new skins for the World's Greatest Detective.

How can you procure these fetching bat-mods? Initially by preordering at different retailers, though they will all be added as DLC later. Here is where you can get them, according to

From left to right:

Batman Beyond - Preorder from or MightyApe
The Dark Knight Returns - Purchase the Limited Edition of Arkham City at any vendor
Batman Earth One - Purchase from MightyApe
Batman 70s - Preorder from ToysRUs
Batman Animated Series - Purchase from MightyApe

(not pictured) Robin's Red Robin skin - Purchase from Best Buy

MightyApe is a store based in New Zealand, and there's no word yet on if those skins will be available at launch to US residents.
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