Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sony PS4 Coming Soon?

Sooner than expected, anyway. According to DigiTimes, "Foxconn and Pegatron Technology, assemblers of PS3, will undertake assembly of PS4 as well, the sources pointed out. The planned shipment volume of PS4 in 2012 is at least 20 million units, the sources indicated."

I'm placing next to no stock in this news report. DigiTimes has a history of reporting baseless rumors that often turn out to be false. Also, Sony has said time and time again that the lifespan of the PS3 is ten years. The only real fact that lends weight to this rumor is that the Playstation 2 has had a lifespan equivalent to that expected of the Playstation 3, and yet the two were released six years apart. That fact puts the PS4's release solidly in 2012, but I will wait until a rumor with more substance is released before I start fawning over the future console. I can see Sony teasing the PS4 in 2012 at E3 or Tokyo Game Show, but I would not expect actual units until 2013. That statement should also be taken quite lightly, however, as I have more insider information about mustache wax than game console manufacturing.
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