Monday, July 18, 2011

Podcast Tonight!

What a fine day for a podcast, eh? Tonight at 8:00 PM CST, join us for our very first Aristogamer Podcast. We'll be discussing a wide variety of topics relating, but not limited, to gaming. Such specifics may include the upcoming WiiU, possibly PS4, the state of gaming quality in upcoming releases, etc. To join us, follow the instructions here. If the address given in the instructions does not work, try

To be a part of the discussion live, type what you'd like to say in the chat window in all caps for the podcast channel, and we will unmute you to discuss your opinion. We ask it be in all caps so that we may easily find the subject matter you want to discuss.

This also allows those participating to chat with each other during the show, giving whatever opinion they like. Think of it like an online radio show and you can "call in" by typing in the chat window and being unmuted.

Rules within the podcast:
1.) Pretty much anything those participating will want to chat about will be potentially discussed, however we ask that the subject matter be closely related to gaming and entertainment. We are a gaming site afterall.
2.) The discussions within the chat window is free-for-all, so please use your own discretion with language and subject matter. We do ask, however, that language be kept at PG should you become unmuted.

The podcast will be up for distribution after the show at a number of sites. We will list them the second they are available.

We hope to see you all there tonight!
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