Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nintendo 3DS Price Drop and More

You read that right, just five months after its release, the Nintendo 3DS is getting a massive price slash. Nintendo announced that the system which used to cost $250 will only cost $170 starting August 11th. This is the biggest price drop in the shortest amount of time that I can remember. This move is, of course, a response to the terrible 3DS sales. Nintendo reported that they've only sold 710,000 units in the past three months worldwide. That may sound like alot, but when you realize that the original DS family sold almost double that in the same timeframe, you begin to realize why the alarm bells are going off at Nintendo HQ.

Nintendo also announced ten NES games and ten Game Boy Advance titles coming to the eShop.  Not terrible titles either, games like Super Mario Bros. to Legend of Zelda and Metroid Fusion to Mario Kart: Super Circuit. There's a catch, however. All of these games are free to anyone who has bought or will buy the 3DS before the price drop. For the gamers who choose to wait until the price is lower, the NES titles will be available at a later date for purchase, but Nintendo says they have no plans for the GBA games to come to the general public.

So what does all of this mean for gamers? Nintendo is terrified that their new handheld will be a flop and are trying to fix the problem by throwing money at it. That's not a bad thing for the community at all, as we will be getting a less expensive console and are promised good titles in the future. But will all of this be enough to combat Sony and the brewing storm of Vita? I thought this battle was going to be interesting, as the Vita was priced exactly the same as the 3DS, but now it's going to be absolutely engrossing. So far, the public has voted with their dollars to say they do not want a $250 DS, but will they vote for a $250 PSP?

Get your popcorn and Excel spreadsheets ready, because this holiday season is going to be a slugfest for prime pocket real estate.
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