Friday, July 22, 2011

New Gotham City Impostors Trailer

We've already seen a short trailer earlier this summer at E3, but Gotham City Impostors has a new video only a month later for San Diego Comic Con. The class-based multiplayer game lets you take control of either the vigilante Bats or the mischevious Jokerz, both being hilarious rip-off versions of their DC counterparts. The gameplay style and match types are hazy at the moment, but methinks this game looks promising already.

Gotham City Imposters seems like Batman Team Fortress 2 down to the cartoony art style and fresh humor. In the new trailer below, one of the Jokerz even sounds like Scout. What do I think of this? Well, I love Batman and I love Team Fortress 2, so what do you chaps think I think? Spoilers: I'm excited.

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