Thursday, July 7, 2011

EA Studios Showcase Liveblog

FIFA 12 and SSX will not be featured today.

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition is an improved version of the rebooted classic. Not many details here other than its improvements are based on community feedback.

NCAA 12 adds some features to last year's installment including custom conferences, playbooks, and an improved collision system to make the game more responsive.

Madden 12 is being released soon and is said to have more authenticity, whatever that means. Did previous versions have fake rules? I'm not sure.

NHL12 features a better physics engine and improved AIs. The players personalities have a bigger emphasis in this game as well.

The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles is an add-on to The Sims Medieval. The pack features new quests, treasures and features like pet birds that can go on their own quests and interrogation chairs. It looks like an interesting add-on to an already intriguing game, due to be released August 30th.

EA's Steam competitor Origin has a new mobile app that lists your games, friends, and updates for your friends. It's a cross platform application that seems to play nicely between Android, iOS and PC.

Shift 2 Unleashed for the iPad was shown to have crisp graphics, but nothing notable otherwise, just a standard, accellerometer controlled racing game. By getting this game through Origin, players get bonus tracks, money, and the ability to brag to their friends about their races.

iPhone 4 can connect to the iPad via Bluetooth to play Fifa 12. It's quite an innovative idea, even if the graphics look no better than the original PSP.

Risk Factions is a port of the classic board game to Facebook. Special weapons have been added to the game from its XBLA release to differentiate the groups from one another. EA is also boasting how great their PVP is, so I guess we'll have to see. They mentioned a mermaid on Segways and that got me interested. The game will be released soon.

EA's Scrabble is being released for iOS and Facebook and offers a level of connectivity that they say is unprecedented. I think they are ignorant of Words with Friends. Scrabble also offers a dictionary and a Teacher mode that suggests words.

My personal favorite mode of Burnout, crash mode, is getting its own game in Burnout Crash. The crash-em-up title is a cartoony, download only game and will be available this Fall for XBLA and PSN.

Secret World is an MMO based on myths and superstitions. Tons of powers and three factions offer a diverse game. The trailers all certanily look interesting and the ideas behind it are sound, but I'll have to experience the actual game before I pass judgement. Looks interesting though!

Dragon Age II Legacy is DLC for Dragon Age II. It features new storylines and weapon bonuses that function with the original game. The DLC is being released for all platforms on July 26th.
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