Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Demo Lacking

I love Uncharted. It has been my favorite new IP on the PS3 since the game's release, so you can imagine my excitement over getting an Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta code with Infamous 2. This event was so big, codes were being given out everywhere, even Attack of the Show. I was excited to boot the demo and get back to one of the best online multiplayer experiences I've ever had. I joined a server after reading the Terms of Service, a rather lengthy connecting process, and finally being matched up. The details on my character looked a little dull, not what I'd expect from the PS3. That's okay, I thought, it's a beta and I'm sure things will get better.

Things got worse.

My first game froze within five seconds of the match starting. I was not even permitted to jump before I had to physically reset my PS3 because my controller no longer responded. Perhaps a fluke, I hoped. I hopped into another game and this one started off in the back of an airplane with enemies coming from trucks. The addition of moving environment objects on which to stand was stunning. It looked great, or would have had the frame rate not been so terrible. I shot an enemy to death through the jerkiness and eventually died myself. Upon respawn, I was on one of the trucks outside of the plane and started to make my way back to where my teammates were holed up.

The game froze again.

I decided to give it a day, perhaps let people lose interest. This morning I turned the game on again and was happy to see a patch! Oh glorious day, I cried, Naughty Dog comes through again! After the quick download and reset, I turned on the demo once more.

I could not connect to any game servers as the demo had an error initializing.

I do not work for Naughty Dog, nor do I have any idea why the demo does not work. In fact, I'm not even sure if everyone is having this problem, but if I had to wager, this may have something to do with the amount of beta codes given out. Infamous 2 was a hit, and codes were being given away like candy all day yesterday. On top of that, all Playstation Plus members got beta codes, and guess who's a member of Playstation Plus after Sony started its Welcome Back Package? Everyone.

I am still excited about the demo, and I sincerely hope to play it and give it a fair shot, but as it stands, I can't even play the damned thing and when I can, the experience is too dreadful to tell if it's the game, my connection, or the server loads. Hopefully next week, I'll have something nice to say about it. I know this is just a beta, but I expected more from Naughty Dog.
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