Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nintendo E3 2011 Press Conference Highlights

Link's Awakening, the first portable Zelda title is available now on the Virtual Console market for Nintendo 3DS. The Colonel distaste for the 3DS was rightly melted away by his favorite Zelda game. Good show, Nintendo.

The remake of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for 3DS will be out next week with better graphics, framerate, and new features. You can certainly expect this game to be reviews swiftly and soon.

Legend of Zelda Four Swords will be available as DSiWare in September. The Four Swords titles changed the way Nintendo's portable games could interact with one another. The multiplayer aspects we're seeing in some games now were present back on the days of the original Game Boy Advance, so it's smashing to see the quirky series again.

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is coming this holiday season for the Wii. Wiimotion Plus is required. A special, gold, Zelda-themed Wii remote will also be released. I was more excited about Twilight Princess than I was this game--that is until I saw the most recent trailer (below). Now I find myself excited all over again!

Legend of Zelda symphonies will debut around the world in each region in the Fall. More details will become available as regions solidify dates. If it's anything like the orchestra at the beginning of the Nintendo press conference (and there are as many Zelda fans), I'd wager there will not be a dry eye in the house.

Two soundtracks, one for Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and one for Skyward Sword will be released, the former of which will be available for free for the first people to register the game with Club Nintendo. It's an interesting ploy to get people to join Club Nintendo. I must wonder why the sudden push now? Perhaps Nintendo is up to something sneaky.

Mario Kart 3DS is  the new entry in the kart racing mega series. It comes with greater kart customization and new features, like the ability to drive underwater and glide with a hang glider. This series never ceases to amaze me in its ability to turn a room full of dear friends into a den of scoundrels looking to ruin your chances of success.  Mario Kart 3DS will be released this holiday season.

Star Fox 64 3D will offer gyroscope options and better graphics. In battle mode, your front facing camera will be turned on to better identify that ruddy chap who keeps backflipping. It will be released this September.

Super Mario 3D is the new game in the Mario brothers franchise. Not many details were given or shown besides improved graphics and 3 dimensions. The game will be released this holiday season.

Icarus Uprising looks like more fun than ever, and seems to have an interesting storyline. I was skeptical about the game upon its reveal, however I suppose time has been good to Pit as this game now looks not only appealing, but exciting! The game also features a multiplayer battle arena. The release date of Icarus's new game is still unannounced.

Luigi's Mansion 2 is the sequel to the Gamecube original. The game is on 3DS and seems to feature similar gameplay and a fun style that's faithful to the series. It feels great to be able to call Luigi's Mansion a series. I felt this game was oft underappreciated and one of the best titles on the Gamecube, so my fluttering heart will come as no surprise to you. No word on a release date, but we do have a trailer.

3D Excitebike is free to download in the eShop. It's the original game, but with a bit of 3D thrown in. To be honest, I would not have wasted my time downloading it if it weren't free. However, the price is right for what you get.

Pokedex 3D is an update to the Pokedex in Pokemon Black and White. An interesting feature along with this is the ability to take pictures with your Pokemon using 3DS's camera and a bit of Nintendo magic. I can just imagine the flagrant misuse of this feature. Truly terrifying. This add on is available exclusively in the eShop starting today.

Wii U is the new console. The console itself looks almost identical to the Wii, but a little more rounded. It can also do full HD 1080p resolution, which is something gamers have been yearning for since the Wii's debut. The new console is also fully backward compatible with the Wii and, presumably, the Gamecube. As per usual, the processor in Wii U has been designed by IBM and fabricated on their 45nm process (though I'm sure most of you care very little about that).

The new controller for the console looks like a mix of a classic controller for Wii along with a 6.2" touch screen. The controller has 2 circle pads, a gyroscope, an accellorometer, a forward facing camera, stereo speakers and physical buttons along with the touch screen. You cannot see them in the picture below, but there are two shoulder buttons as well as two trigger buttons in the back. The Wii U controller will also feature rumble and perhaps its own minigames if the trailer we saw was to be trusted.

 The video Nintendo is showing for the new console seems to be like the original Wii reveal trailer -- many potential applications, but who knows which will be implemented. Without further ado, I present to you, through IGN, the Wii U debut trailer.

A new Smash Brothers is on its way for both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. There are no details other than the very brief announcement, but gamers are already frothing at the mouth for this game.

New Super Mario Brothers Mii is a new game for Wii U that enables your Mii to play in the game alongside your favorite Mario universe characters.

Lego City Stories is a new, open world installment in the Lego series for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. There's not many details on this yet, but if it's anything like Lego Island, it will capture hardcore gamers looking for some nostalgia and a newer generation, not yet aware of how wonderful a Lego game can be.

Darksiders 2 is a Wii U title that will be available at the console's launch. It appears Nintendo wants to have some games appealing to hardcore gamers, and not just months after the fact either. A launch title as dark as this one seems to signal a push on Nintendo's part for more adult oriented games.

Dirt, Aliens Colonial Marines, Ghost Recon Online, Metro Last Light, Tekken, and Ninja Gaiden 3 are all future titles for Wii U. There are no Wii U specific details about these games yet.

The CEO of EA hinted at Battlefield coming to the Wii U.

Batman Arkham City will be also be on Wii U. I'm wondering what the release date of this console is, then, since the game will be coming out this Fall. It seems to me a late release of the game would be preposterous, so excuse me if I'm more excited about playing the new Batman game this year and not next.
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