Thursday, June 23, 2011

Magicka PVP Trailers

It seems the makers of Magicka have finally siezed the opportunity that was dangling before their eyes all the time--PVP. In a game where spell mishaps are so common, it's often your partner that garners more frustration than the enemies. Now's your chance to get them back for spellcasting you to your death. This new gameplay mode makes the already enjoyable game even more appealing. If I hadn't already bought it, I would be ten dollars poorer today. Believe me, if you have a couple of friends and an empty Friday night, there is nearly no better way to spend it than playing Magicka.

I implore you to feast your eyes upon this wonderful trailer.

If you're wondering about the actual combat, an equally entertaining but more informational trailer is after the break.

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