Friday, June 10, 2011

Gravity Daze Trailer

Today is that last day of E3, and it seems most all of the news worth reporting has been reported. I finally found the trailer for what looks to be the most eye-pleasing game of the PS Vita's launch titles: Gravity Daze. Accoring to SCE (the developers), this is still a working title, but that doesn't detract from the wonderful graphics and interesting gameplay mechanics. Do you remember the cinematography in the hallway fight sequence of the motion picture Inception? Of course you do, who doesn't! Gravity Daze seems to be in the spirit of that, with a strange girl who has the ability to control gravity. There's also a cat (the Baron will love that). Oh what am I saying, just watch the trailer from some kind soul on YouTube named nanashimann1 and enjoy. The game will be out this holiday season along with the hardware it's played on.

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