Monday, June 6, 2011

Sony Live Press Coverage E3 2011

First off, Sony, we get that you like collages but my Lord you need to tone it down! Also, calling the Playstation Network being down as an "outage" is just insulting. You were hacked. You were super hacked. You were dumb and allowed yourselves to be super duper hacked. Apologize like a man and get on with life. That being said...

-Uncharted 3-

Sony kicks off with their pride and joy series, Uncharted. Already you can see very well done graphics and motion with the rocking of the ship and the character properly reacting to this movement in order to maintain balance. Shadowing and lighting are crisp and combat seems very fluid. Even not having personally played the previous Uncharted titles, I shall now due to Mr. Rommefeller's recommendation and this coverage.

-Resistance 3-

The direct sequel to Resistance 2, this game seems to follow along the same energetic combat that the previous titles have included, hopefully involving more energy and involvement. Previous titles were fun but slightly underwhelming and predictable, but based on the footage for this sequel, we may be getting a much more refined and polished game. Let's hope so, because if you can't get the formula right after three games, you might as well give up.

-Some Basketball Game-

I'm sorry, I really don't want to say anymore than I need to here. It's a basketball game that uses the Playstation Move and is mostly point and click. It looks boring, Kobe Bryant came on stage and still hardly anyone reacted, and I yawned. Moving on.

-Medieval Moves-

It's another simple motion control game. Swing for your sword, reach behind you to grab an arrow to notch, and it's in 3D. Again, the player on stage and the audience just looked rather bored. Even when the announcer says "Wow", he says it as if he had just awoken from a nap and that was the first word he thought of. Usually I'd say this could be geared for a younger audience, but with so little happening, I don't know if even the younger audience would fully enjoy this.

-Infamous 2-

This shows to be an highly anticipated sequel to the electrifying (OH HO HO) game Infamous. Footage shows that it will continue to use the open world combat that made the first game fun while also incorporating new content such as gamer created level construction.

-Little Big Planet Fingerprint-

We don't know if the fingerprint image really is in the title but unless proven otherwise, we're sticking with it. If you liked the first Little Big Planet, this won't disappoint. Granted it's on the *ahem* Playstation Vita, it should prove to be one of the few titles worth playing on this device.


Without much known about this game from my or J.'s end, we are very intrigued by this title. It seems to be a futuristic style war that will include both on-planet and off-world combat. Further details on this will definitely be sought after tonight.

-Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time-

This looks to be a faithful followup to the series, one that I never played. If you did, probably would be worth checking out.

-Dust 514-

Although previously unveiled, this appears to be an FPS style companion game to EVE Online, bringing in its concept under the premise "One Universe, One War". It appears fairly good and graphically beautiful, definitely worth the attention of further inquiry.

-Bioshock: Infinite-

Based on the shorter trailer we saw this evening, I can say that this looks to be an exciting game that is very intense and continuously attention grabbing.

-Star Trek-

Being a fan of the series, I am excited to see a game coming that isn't entirely a "play through the movie that just came out" game. It looks clean, involved, and pretty interesting. I'm personally excited to see more on this title.

-Street Fighter X Tekken-

Without much known about the game, the trailer shows that this should prove to be a game that'll be well accepted with fighting style gamers everywhere.

-Playstation Vita-

Also known as the NGP, this next generation handheld Playstation portable is to be a great followup to the semi-popular PSP. Including two analog sticks, touch-screen, motion sensors, and dual cameras, along with the standard WiFi and control scheme. Granted it has a 5-inch screen and will be under the supervision of AT&T for service, the new Vita will probably be a great portable overall for those who want one, which I'm sure those who do already know they're getting one. That being said, personally, I don't care. I really don't care. I'm sorry J., but I just couldn't give two royal wigs in a bag filled with olives care about this device. It's tiny, it looks like I could break the thing with one hand, and it's called Vita.

(J's note: I'm incredibly excited about this console. Have a trailer, chaps:)

(And one more of gameplay from the new Uncharted game for the Vita from IGN:)

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