Monday, June 6, 2011

EA Press Coverage E3 2011

Already I'm happy to see the beginning of this coverage because it's not a giant worship session on the Kinect. That being said, let's dive right into the games.

-Mass Effect 3-

The footage looks fantastic in both graphics and control. It has a very large cinematic feel without feeling campy or cartoony. Voice acting is very well enunciated. However, EA, I don't think three separate trailers are necessary for a third sequel of a popular game series. One is enough because if you're a fan of the first two Mass Effect games, you'll get this one just based on it being called Mass Effect 3.

The game is looking great, as I'm sure you can tell from this trailer:

-Need for Speed: The Run-

Other than bragging about an online feature that looks just what it, this installment of the game is showing features of the game outside of the car racing. Showing reaction-timed action sequences while running from gun firing law enforcement, the player ended up actually beating up a police officer and then stealing his cruiser to continue the chase sequence. Perhaps Need for Speed is going for more "thinking outside the box", however let's not hope they forget the roots of being the racing franchise it always has been. My hopes are high though, I will admit.

-Star Wars: The Old Republic-

Star Wars Old Republic is looking spectacular. The key word in that sentence is looking. Only a trailer was shown, so no new gameplay footage. The trailer was quite impressive, but it would have been nice to see some more gameplay.

-SSX, FIFA, and Madden 2012-

With the amount of large scale camera work these trailers showed, it still boils down to one thing. Sports. Snowboarding or football (soccer to the Americans), or American football (bizarre to the rest of the world), they're sports games and we know EA does sports games fairly well. I have no doubt for you sports fans these'll be grand. Innovative? I doubt it. But that's ok. You have world famous athletes playing these games on video, so you're set.

-The Sims Social-

A Sim game for the networking site Facebook. I may not be into Facebook games at all, but for those who are, this may just right up your alley, depending on how immersive it allows the player to be.


A fantasy style game that seems to be taking a lot of what Dragon Age has given us: an open world with much to be involved in while experiencing a renaissance style time-line. It looks fairly interesting as involved with interesting combat. This may prove to be a game that draws in the player for countless hours.


Set in a story following a 4-person team in the near future. Using both hand-to-hand combat and futuristic weapons, it is a special forces team that employees their unique skills to overcome obstacles. However, the thing the draws me into this is the type of comedy it uses. Just in the trailer I saw witty retort and clever use of dialogue and weapons to create a very entertaining experience. I'm already hooked and want to play this to see where it goes.

-Battlefield 3-

Already gaining a huge media following, Battlefield 3 is proving to be one of the most highly anticipated games amoung FPS players. Giving incredibly huge maps, innovative team and squad based combat, absolutely baffling amounts of destructibility in the environment, and a new game engine that is proving itself already, this game could become one of the great FPS games to be remembered. I personally can not wait to get my grubby hands on this Frostbite 2 engine game.

Here's some actual gameplay footage. It's a bit long and tank based, but it certainly is gorgeous:

EA you ambitious dogs you.
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